In my earbuds this week: The Paris Review Podcast

In the midst of shockingly bad news 24/7, run-of-the-mill work frustrations and personal difficulties, some grand opera-scale, some crushingly mundane, my brilliant colleague recommended stepping off the treadmill to enter the magical world of the Paris Review Podcast. In readings culled from their 50+ years of literary archives, actors and authors deliver gritty, luminous, riveting performances of poems, short stories and interviews, woven with sound you can touch and gorgeous musical scoring. Jack Kerouac gives a salty recounting of the story of the Buddha. Maya Angelou tells George Plimpton about the accoutrements of her writing process: a King James bible and a bottle of sherry, not necessarily in that order. In a welcome break from the trend of heavily hosty podcasts, this one has no host, just literate deliciousness.